In the Montessori prepared environment, a child experiences a joy of learning and freedom to explore. It is a child centred environment that promotes independence and responsibility. Hands on activities with the classic Montessori material develops skills and an understanding as an individual. Uninterrupted blocks of work time and mixed age group environments are core to this century old way of learning.

Middle Section

Grade 4 to 8 constitute the middle school at EMS High School. We offer segregated classes for boys and girls. Continuous summative assessment schedule is followed to develop habits of consistent hard work among children. Monthly progress is shared with parents via report cards to streamline each child’s progress. Basic Arabic Language is offered as a compulsory subject.

Senior Section

The Senior Section of EMS High School support Grade 8, and both Matric and IGCSE. All classes for either stream are segregated for boys and girls. We are affiliated to the Federal Board of Intermediate and secondary education as well as the Edexcel London Board. After a child completes grade 8 they choose either of the streams with their teachers recommendations. Since all education till grade 8 is the same for both streams, either of the choices are possible for all children.


EMS High School is currently offering a select number of subjects as a part of its A’Levels program. Our first batch of A’level students were recruited this year in July 2020. To register your interest and further details please email us at

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